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Orange Fitness Premium Club celebrated its 10-year anniversary
17 Sep, 2018
Orange Fitness Premium Club gathered club members, employees, partners and guests at the rooftop pool to celebrate its 10-year anniversary on September 15, 2018.


The evening was truly a crazy one, full of inexplicable emotions and feelings.


The birthday party opening was admirable MARBEY’s piece of cake, then Project 12 went on driving people crazy with their astonishing live music, and the electronic music of DJ Leo made people go on dancing and enjoying till the midnight.


During her greeting speech, General Director of the Club, Mrs. Karine Pambukyan described the passed 10 years as years of success, expressing her gratitude to the Club members for being the part of the Club throughout years and for their loyalty.


The evening was truly exclusive, as for the first time the brand new website of Orange Fitness Premium Club was presented to the event participants before its official launch.


We are glad to share some nice moments of the evening with you through photos below.