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Take your child to sports
19 Aug, 2019
Allowing children to participate in outdoor and indoor extracurricular activities, such as sports, helps them explore and develop skills which are considered beneficial throughout their lives.

By participating in sports, children are exposed to various mental, social, emotional, physical and educational benefits.

Some of these benefits are:

  • Better vision. Children who spend time outdoors playing, especially organized sports, are less likely to develop vision problems.

  • Healthy weight. Obesity is increasing in children, but data show that kids who are more active, especially after school, are more likely to be of normal weight.

  • Motor skills development. Sports participation helps with coordination and learning new skills.

  • Social skills development. Playing on a team means learning to work with others and support them.

  • Self-confidence. Success as a team member and an athlete builds confidence.

  • Sportsmanship. Learning the rules of the game, respect for coaches and referees, and how to stay positive even when losing are all valuable life lessons.

This list is not exhaustive. All of these benefits just goes to show how much a child can learn by playing sports and by living healthy life. 

However, to get your child to play a sport you may need to encourage them. You can help your child become active in sports in several ways:

  •        You could be physically active in sports yourself. This would help them as you are leading by example.
  •        Support your child’s efforts in sports. Try to be there for every match that your child plays, for encouragement.
  •        Try to limit the time spent on sedentary activities such as watching television or playing computer games.
  •        Play a sport along with your child.

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