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Start with the face!
05 Apr, 2019
10 gorgeous skin always do from japanese women.



We all want to have a healthy and glossing skin. To achieve such a result, it’s not necessary to use expensive products.


We give you 10 tips for facial care, thanks to which you will get the desired result.


1. Get familiar to your face


The first step towards a beautiful and healthy skin is to get acquainted with it. Investigate and explore your face.  Look at the mirror more often.


2. Make new friends! 


Spend more time on exploring yourself and your uniqueness. Remember, the beautiful woman is the one in harmony with herself.


3. Get rid of unnecessary cosmetics


Its time to review your cosmetic remedies. Get rid of everything that doesn’t suit your skin. The price is not always guaranteed quality.


4. Be your own cosmetologist


Massage your face, heat the cosmetics on your palms. This way, those will soak up deeper into the skin and will give better effect.


5. DO NOT use too many cosmetic products


Too much care is worse for your skin than its absence. Let you skin breathe, don’t cover it with the thick layers of cosmetics.


6. Skin DAY OFFs for your skin!


At least once a week, refrain from any kind of cosmetics both care, and decorative. The meaning of such days is to increase the natural ability of your skin to restore.


7. Eat healthy!


It’s proven that balanced diet and water can transform your skin in just 3 months.


8. Don't forget to take care of your neck skin


The neck skin is smoother than the facial one. For this reason it is more inclined to wrinkles. For that areas skin care use special creams with high content of cologne and elastin.


9. Use "Lotion Masks" regularly


Wash your face with warm water, dampen the cotton tissue and pour on it lotion. Leave this mask on your face for 3 minutes. It will hydrate and soften the facial skin.


10. Periodically perform face massages


An essential part of facial skin care is also the facial massages, which will keep your skin deeper in tone.

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