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Kid's room regulation
04 Feb, 2021

Kids room is open from Monday to Friday (11AM-9PM) Saturday, Sunday (11AM-7PM)

Kids room is for children under 8

Kids room is free of charge for children who are 3-8 years old and whos parents (or parent) are club


There’s an hour payment for kids under 3 (1 hour – 3000AMD)

Kid can stay in kids room maximum 2 hours

Only club member kids can participate in fitness group classes provided by the club

Before leaving your kid in kids room, take off his/her coat , boots and take care of other private needs.

Before entering the kids room, the parent(s) need to explain properly the rules of kids room in order to

do the tasks of kids room tutor

The children who are nor warning about their private needs should be with deepers.

Its not allowed to enter the kids room:


With infectious disease

 With food and medicine

 With animals

 With toys (also take out the toys or other items from kids room)


The administration is authorized not to allowing the kid to check-in if they are not keeping those

rules but also take out the parents by defined hour if the kid shows inappropriate behavior or

breaks the rules.

The parent(s) are responsible for any damaged item.

Before leaving the kid in kids room parent(s) must read the kids room regulation.